Top 3 Masks For Soft, Smooth and Shin...

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Who doesn’t want flowing, nourished and shiny hair? Who wouldn’t want to save the cash from an expensive trip to the salon, and still have hair the comb slides through for weeks? You can buy hair care masks from any brand you choose, but these over-priced offerings are usually packed to the gills with chemicals that will do your h [...]

5 Natural Home Remedies For Frizzy Ha...

Love or loathe your natural curls, everyone enjoys super-smooth hair- nobody likes battling with the dreaded frizz. No one wants to look in the mirror and see yeti looking back at them!But frizz remedies can be pricey and harsh on your hair- so why not consider these easy home remedies for frizzy locks? [...]

The 9 Best Conditioners for All Hair ...

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You can’t beat the care and treatment that comes with using a good conditioner for your hair. Anyone who’s forgotten to condition knows that without this vital product hair washing- and combing afterwards- becomes a chore we could all do without. But what’s the best conditioner for you? It’s important to match your con [...]

Top 10 Healthy Hair Secrets

Everyone wants flowing, beautiful and shiny hair, no matter their natural hair type and color, especially if you’re trying to grow it out. But sometimes it seems impossible to avoid the salon’s snipping scissors, and we’ve all had one of those cuts that make you feel like the neighbor’s cockier spaniel. So we’ve [...]